Procedural planning

Nowadays we have the technology that enables us to create a hologram of the operative field and go through it layer by layer. Three-dimensional reconstruction and 3D printing enable us to have the knowledge of exact surgical anatomy preoperatively, and to draw a surgical plan to address the anatomical variabilities to enhance outcomes. Additionally, the surgical anatomy is crucial for planning of minimally invasive surgical procedures, whereby the same operations are performed through smaller incisions and/or with the image-guidance.

We work with various partners to provide custom-made solutions for specific procedures or patients. We have developed pathways to create a precise, patient-specific 3D print of cardiovascular and thoracic structures, whether in hard materials or silicone replica. We have also developed specific materials that resemble the tissue characteristics of cardiac structures for 3D printing and surgical simulation.

Disposable solutions

Mitral valve silicone replica for suturing experience

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Papillary muscle silicone replica for neochord suturing experience

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Pathologic silicone mitral valve replica printed is systole and depicting a P2 central prolapse

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Custom-made solutions

  • Patient-specific 3D printed mitral valve or aortic valve in any phase of the cardiac cycle in flexible material (based on 3D TEE)
  • Patient-specific 3D printed full heart or heart chambers in any phase of the cardiac cycle in flexible materials (based on CT-scan)
  • Patient-specific 3D printed vascular, pulmonary and thoracic structures in flexible materials (based on CT-scan)

Future perspective
Custom-made packages for imaging and 3D printing for various surgical procedures.