Our philosophy

Surgical procedures have become more technical and diverse with the advance of minimally invasive and transcatheter procedures.

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Our philosophy is built around the concept of Smart Surgery; creating and using new tools as 3D image reconstruction, 3D printing, simulation, navigation, mathematics, AI and big data to help physicians to select the right treatment for the right patient, to learn procedures, to plan procedures and to perform interventions with mathematical precision.

We develop solutions for singular surgical procedures along the whole trajectory from training, planning to execution, as we have done for minimally invasive mitral valve repair.

4 Pillars

To support our philosophy we have envisioned these 4 services as the main pillars of Simurghy.

Air-pilot-training concept

Our training pathways are based on the latest educational science and is structured like an air-pilot-training concept course.

This training philosophy is inspired by the work done by cardiothoracic surgeon Peyman Sardari Nia, MD, PhD, on structural training program for endoscopic mitral valve surgery at Maastricht University Medical Center.